Jackson, MS Agents, Investors, PM & contractors come out and play

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@Julian Lyons - I would love to buy your breakfast or lunch.  I live in Brandon.  I think we could make each other some money. Please PM me your cell and I'll text you back.  - Dr. Mike Lorence

@Jay Hinrichs - Hi Jay.  I live in Brandon, MS.  Would love to connect with you.  I think we could help each other make some money.  Sent you a connection request.  Would love to take you out to lunch or chat on the phone.  

@Kevin Gingrich - I live here in the Jackson area.  I can meet with you next week Wed 3/20 if you're still here.  I'm out of town the rest of the time.

In my opinion, Jackson is a smaller version of Memphis. You have to know the neighborhoods and suburbs. In my opinion, the further from Jackson into the rural towns the better.

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