Section 8 tenant/applicant

4 Replies | Kansas City, Missouri

We are considering a section 8 applicant for one of our properties. I heard the Kansas City section 8 office can be difficult to deal with. Is this true?

Any advice when dealing with the section 8 office on main St? Are their multiple offices in KC, Mo? 


Sorta along those lines . . . Kansas City also has an issue on the August ballot where they are trying to do interior inspections of rental properties. Make sure that you tell all of your friends who can vote in Kansas City to try and defeat this. it would be nothing but extra cost and hassle from a city that can't even enforce the  laws they have on the books now. 

Kansas City's Section 8 office is a huge pain. Lee's Summit and Independence are fine, but KC is tough. Don't expect them to call back if you leave a message, be prompt regarding anything or be helpful in general.


I have several section 8 tenants in my properties. There are pluses and minuses. In the areas where you are going to find Sec8 tenants, the open market tenants are not the most reliable in making payments - I've been running 2-3 evictions per year. So there is a lot of expense risk in the open market in the lower rent properties. If you find a good tenant, then you're golden. The advantage of section 8 is that you get your rent on time, every month. Tenants are typically careful not to damage properties because if they get evicted they lose their Sec8 eligibility for life. The downside is that Sec8 does inspect every year and typically requires some repairs. Getting a property Sec8 compliant can cost a bit, but once you have that initial compliance, then you're down to maintenance expenses. I have found that the maintenance expenses in my Sec8 properties is less costly than eviction, vacancy, rent collection problems associated with open market tenants in similar properties. I have a property manager that deals with section 8, so I haven't had to contend with frustrations around direct interactions.