Need a window and siding person- referrals?

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Hey big ask here!  I've got a house I'm trying to Brrr in KCMO and I need a window and siding person.  Looking for a direct referral from an investor who has used someone and they have delivered both on price and timeline.  

Also, its a rental but I want it to appraise for the highest it can so it will Brrr.  Its in a good area just west of Troost so its in a high homeowner area with most homes around 150-250K.  But it is a rental... so... vinyl or I've been told to upgrade to LP siding?  Thoughts? :)  Thanks so much everyone!!!!

Hi Adam, I used American Window and Door for replacing just over 40 windows on a four plex. It cost about $14,750 to replace all of the windows and wrap the outside of them (the trim around the windows was shot). $11k of that was actual window replacement and some light repairs and $3,750 for the window wrapping, which really left it looking much nicer. I'm not sure if they do siding though.