Investing in rentals in North St Louis, Ferguson and Florrisant

2 Replies | St. Louis, Missouri

Hello All!

I love the community that is Bigger Pockets! I am interested in investing in some of the outer areas of St Louis including Florrisant, Ferguson, Calverton Park and so on. Ideally from the research I have done I would love to stay above Interstate 270 but am also interested in real estate south of there as well. I am looking to stay below 60k and looking for some reasonable cash on cash returns. I will be in the area on 10/25 and 10/26 and would love to meet up with another Broker, Investor or Property Manager. I will be ready to buy something while I am there. I don't mind something that needs a little rehab just not a total gut job since I am not in the area. I am open to any advice or suggestions from anybody out there. If somebody has a great agent who maybe owns some rentals in the area or a great property manager I would love some info on them. 

Thanks in advance for being open to share your knowledge!

Dustin J