Property managers in Omaha

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Hello all,

I'm active duty Air Force but likely separating at the end of the year and moving back home (woohoo!) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions in the way of property management companies. My biggest concern is screening tenants and not winding up with people who are going to destroy the house. If anyone has any recommendations, or suggestions in general, feel free to comment or message me directly. Thanks!

Hi all,

I am also in search for a good local property management company for a 9 unit complex. Just wondering if the above suggestions would also work for this type of property or if they specialize in duplexes etc. Also, from what I have seen the standard rate is 6-7%?

Thank you for the guidance! 


I had a terrible experience with Wistar Group.  Some of it was due to my inexperience, however the people I dealt with lacked transparency about what they offer/provide.  I lost hundreds of dollars and had to sell my property instead of find a tenant.

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