Fall: Seeking Military VA Loan & Listings for 2-4 unit property

2 Replies | Omaha, Nebraska

I'm moving to Omaha this fall for the military. I am looking to use my VA Loan to find a 2-4 unit building as an investment to live in.

About me: I have been investing for 10+ years, have a degree in Real Estate, have a real estate license from out of state with no interest in applying for mutual recognition for my license at this time, to allow for flexibility. I have also been in the military for over ten years and I am an officer. Non accredited self-education includes products from the best names in real estate education.

What I am looking for is to build a team of "rockstars" that will help facilitate the standard BRRRR technique, with the primary goal being rolling my capital into a large enough number to purchase a solid commercial building, and then doing it again and again.

At this time my primary concern is finding a solid mortgage broker and real estate agent who also invest in real estate. If you are one, or know of one, I will appreciate the referral and will certainly let them know that you sent them my way, as well as keep you in mind when any opportunities come up in the future.

I would prefer responses be sent to me via private message.