New to Wholesaling In Lincoln, NE

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Hey my name is Sedrick,

I just finished up my football career at UNL. And I am really wanting to get started in this whole real estate business. Primarily focusing on wholesale. I would love to meet with some people so I can really learn the business.

Yes, come to the REIA gathering. You just missed this month's (it was last night). The next one is on 8 October. It's in the back room at Grata Bar & Lounge, 6891 A St. There's maybe 50 or so people there, including a handful of wholesalers. Starting at 7:00, there's about 45 minutes of meet & greet, then a 45-minute presentation, then more meet & greet.

Welcome @Sedrick King !  I live south of Lincoln.  My focus is on small multi-family.  Maybe I will run into you at a meeting or around Lincoln.  All I can say if your getting started is to try and learn as much as you can, take a little risk and don't give up when adversity hits.  Good luck!  I'm always up for talking real estate.  Shoot me a message if you want.