Lincoln Meetup!

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Want to thank everyone for coming out on Friday.  Six BP members to start this one and happy these connections were made!

We loosely followed this agenda and had great conversations.


  • Introduce yourself, your investment level, your first deal and what you are currently working on.

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How many have listened to the podcasts?

Famous 4

  • Favorite Real Estate Book
  • Favorite Business Book
  • What sets apart successful real estate investors and the ones who never make it? If you haven't done a deal, what is your next first step to getting a deal done?
  • Hobbies?What do you do in your free time?

What is your unfair advantage?

How can others help

  • What projects do you have going and what do you need to get them done

As we plan future meetups, I want to hear from you and what you are interested in for the next meetup agenda. What do we want to hear more about?

  • Experts? e.g. Contractors, RE Agents, Lenders
  • Access to what?
  • Success stories
  • First deals
  • Multi unit owners

Another idea I have been tossing around is a real estate/business book exchange.  We can use the meeting to exchange books.  Also, networking always works too, grab coffee and exchange books.  In another post you can add the books you have in your library and people can make requests to borrow them.  

Let me know your ideas and we'll get started on the next event.

Thanks Lincoln BP'ers!


Hi folks - I have a Lincoln RE website that's getting leads but I'm too busy elsewhere to take them down myself right now, though my VA does screen them. I'm looking for some legit end buyers who are actively looking for deals. Please contact me if so.

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