Judgment debtor forged transfer of title to a dead person

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Without going into the fraud and embezzlement by the judgment debtor, I will just go into the specifics of this unique collections situation.

10 years ago, this husband and wife were investigated by the state attorney generals of AZ and NV for fraud. In prep for a potential collection against them, they moved assets around to try to protect them from seizure.

On May 21, 2008, this couple had the deed of their home in Henderson, NV switched from one of their investigated shell companies (which is now closed) to a guy name Dominic. They still live in this house and call it their primary residence; however, since it appears as if they don't own the title, it can't be levied as a result of a judgment or collection.

Here is where more of their fraud kicks in. Dominic died on May 17, 2007 ... a year before the transfer of title shows he signed to take ownership of the title!

I contacted LAPD (where I live) and the Henderson, NV PD and they were no help. One completely disinterested detective said "would be considered a forgery however only the victim (whois deceased) can testify that it is not his signature".

Any suggestions on how to pursue this?

my answer on your other thread.. 

The criminal system isn't going to be much help. You're probably going to need a civil attorney with collections experience. It shouldn't be hard for an attorney to prove that a dead person didn't lawfully take title ...

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