Longest Lasting Exterior Paint

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I am painting the exterior of my 4 unit multifamily gray with white trim possibly with some blue shutters.  I am just wondering, what exterior paint is the biggest bang for my buck?  What is the longest lasting exterior paint or what can I do so that it lasts longer?

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on the color of the shutters with white trim and a darker gray paint that advice would be helpful as well.

I am not a painter but I would get a good quality paint like sherwin williams. More then paint is the prep work, replacing rotted boards and scrapping peeling paint.  Peel stop is a good product for any places where you can't get the  paint off.  For shutter color you can upload a picture of your property and try colors.  Cant really answer without a picture there are a lot of blues out there.

As a remodeling contractor, I am always irritated with the thought that you can use a cheap paint and get good results.  Paint, when it comes down to it is cheap.  The difference between high quality paints at $50-80/gallon and cheap paint ($30/gallon) is really quite small considering a 2000sf house may take 10 gallons of paint for the exterior.  The main costs of painting is the labor.  Like Colleen F. said, the prep work is where your paint job can shine.  And not only just the prep work before you paint, but there can be some good steps that are often skipped between coats.  If you are hiring a painter, ask them what they recommend using.  I typically prefer Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams as they are really good paints for the price.  Fine Paints of Europe are really the best out there, but don't consider that unless you have a true pro using it.  

As for the color choices, head to the best local paint store (not just a hardware store with a paint section), and talk with them about the design.  They are usually happy to help.