Apartment building start case material?

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I have two buildings that have interior staircases leading to multiple units. One is wooden stair treads that are painted , the other is an older carpet. The carpet is gross , the wood looked Nice but doesn’t wear  well with the snow, sand etc in the winter. Probably needs to be painted every year. The top of the landing is carpet at one place and vinyl roll down at the other. I’m planning to change both to tile as it looks nice and lasts. One of my maintenance guys also does amazing tile for a great deal. He suggests we also tile the Stairs? With schluter strip edges (a nice edge piece of anyone is familiar) anyway I’m not sure how tile pans out.. or if anyone has any amazing suggestions. Not sure what the commercial buildings use but I would like something professional and durable.. thanks for any input!!

@Alex Jamael

As a builder I would say Exterior stairs made of solid wood should not be painted. Although the climate is dry paint and wood can create dry rot and upkeep as you stated is a pain. Get a long lasting stain and yes reapply as directed.

For waterproofing tile or stone is only as good as it’s underlayment makeup. I have waterproofed exterior stairs, decks and roofs/balconies over living space where it has to be perfect. Get a good coatings company, a good tile company or hire a GC.

I have put in dozens of stairs, decks like this but there isn’t just one way to do anything.