Appraisers - Bathtub or Shower in 1 Bath

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Hey Everyone,

Bathtubs use to seem like a requirement in one bathroom homes. Does anyone else feel this need has shifted? In the middle of renovating my primary residence which will eventually be rented and/or sold  down the line. A shower pan/glass doors/tile/rain shower head will be much more visually appealing (and I think appraise higher?) in the one ~80sqft bathroom than another tub/shower insert. The only NEED for bathtubs anymore seems to be for young children. My thought process is a young family wouldn’t be renting or buying a 2bd/1ba home to begin with so the need for a bathtub may be unnecessary. I live in Bend, OR if market plays a factor. Any thoughts? Thanks!

@Ben Nadeau   A family with young children may very well be buying or renting  a  2/1 unit, that is at least true in our area.   I think that is probably true in many places.  I would go with the tub,  the absence of a tub may count against you.   People may want them even if they don't have kids.  You can certainly upgrade to tile around the tub and keep the rainshower head  for nicer finishes. I not sure how appraisers view the absence of a tub but I can't imagine it would appraise higher without a tub then with one.

@Colleen F. thanks for the input! I see you’re from Narragansett, I’m originally from Jamestown, RI and my neighbor out in Bend is actually from Barrington, small world! I don’t have kids myself so I shouldn’t speak for what young families would be looking for so I appreciate the feedback. I think I need to step out of it from a personal preference as we’ll only be in the house for another year or so. 

@Ben Nadeau   Ah Jamestown that is a different world from where you are now. we've only been here a few years but love it.  If you will sell you always have to think about the widest buying pool.  If you have space for a tub definitely have one.