Code Copmpliant Stairs in Rental Property?

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I have a property that i am looking at renovating. I have a solid budget and plan the only thing that i am worried about is the stair case to the second floor/ attic. The property was built in the 40s so when they built it there where very few regulations on stairs treads, riser height ect. The stairs have a narrow tread and a slight spiral in the beginning. They by no means meet code but i believe are grandfathered in (as long as i leave them the way that they are). My question is, if i renovate the house but leave the stairs alone how much more liable could i be if a tenant slips and falls? The stairs lead up to a finished attic that will be the 3rd bedroom.

We had one & because the stairs are not to code we couldn't include the huge upper floor space for the 3rd floor unit, in fact it had to be locked off. Tearing them out was not an option. The property was bought at a tax lien auction so the bldg insp was aware of the property & its issues. 

On another foreclosure we had to tear out the old narrow unsafe stairs to the upper level & built a completely new set of stairs 4ft wide & to code. The original stairs were a narrow very steep nightmare.

On a recent foreclosure/flip we had to tear out the (3) 4ft long cement platform steps (circa 1950) leading up to the small patio at the front door as the rise was deemed too high. The bldg inspector got down on his knees & measured each one. That was a huge waste of time as many homes on the street still had the same old steps.