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Greetings to everyone out there operating in Northern Nevada!  Our Reno sub-forum is empty, so I am going to attempt to fill it with some posts relevant to our area.

As you know, Northern Nevada is so much bigger than just Reno, but this is the space we have in BiggerPockets, so let's make it our own.

-Carson City
-Lake Tahoe
-and many more

Thanks for starting the thread, Michael!  My husband and I are currently investing in the Northwest suburbs of Reno, where my husband grew up.  While we live in the Bay Area, I'm looking forward to plugging into this sub-group!

Nice to meet you @Susan Chan .  You beat me to posting in the topic I started, haha!

If you ever need someone with feet on the ground here in Reno feel free to give me a call.  I do occasionally get out to San Fran, so maybe I can buy you a coffee and discuss Re the next time I am there.

My main interest is in Redeveloping properties.  Some will be sold, and others are held for long term rental.

More specifically, I am looking for those properties that scare many homeowners or investors away...I like challenges.  I also enjoy helping others find solutions to their challenges.

Right now I am focused on building my network of Wholesalers/Wholetailers/Birddogs, so please contact me if you have properties for sale.

Thank you for sharing, Michael & Susan. 

I live and work in Reno. And I am a buy and hold investor. I have been doing this for a long time and would like to be more active in meeting others that are involved in Real Estate.

 @Dan Thorntn

@Michael S. Helton

Hi Michael, Susan, and Dan. I am also from the bay area (San Jose) and have recently toured the Reno/Sparks area with an RE agent for the purposes of identifying potential locations for RE investing.  Unfortunately, it was bad timing for us, which prevented us from buying.  However, my wife and I love the Reno area and hope we can find a way to enter that market in the future.  We're currently focusing on locating a primary residence in the south bay, but would like to stay in contact a RE network based in Reno.  

Thanks to Michael for the post



Chris NA thank you for posting.

Reno/Sparks is a fascinating market right now and the next 5+ years look like we are going to have a very strong run.  I am talking to a few other investors about building an active network for referrals and support.   

We are all technically competitors, but there is a lot we may learn from each other and many ways we may help each other out.  If you need anything, please feel free to contact me directly.

@Michael S. Helton

Thank you for the invitation, Michael.  I hope we can get settled in the bay area so we can give more attention to Reno/Sparks. 

I am also an Investor in the Reno / Carson City market.  My focus have been buy and hold for rentals and have completed a number of flips.   If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out.

From Southern California La Habra My son Is a dentist in Minden Nevada he and I are looking to invest in the Carson City Reno area I plan on making a trip there next weekend maybe we could talk on Saturday Thanks Jack Budd 714-930-5265

Morning everyone,

Living in Reno right now but have not taken a plunge in our area yet; I grew up in South Florida so about to close on my first ever rental which is an 6 unit apartment complex; but looking to definitely start investing here as this area, especially with all the new technology companies moving in, will be growing substantially.

would love to get together with any fellow investors to pitch idea, potentially start making deals.



Hello all and thanks to @Michael S. Helton for getting this thread going.

I'm a long time Renoite, truly a local.  I just closed my first deal, haven't even paid the first mortgage payment, and I'm ready for more!

Long term is buy and hold but I'm interested in learning from and investing with others to help grow some upfront cash for a second acquisition.

@Bill Schrimpf Welcome !  I have family that goes back 4 generations in Reno, but my dad was Air Force and I was Army, so I grew up all over.  

I have been here for 19 years and my wife is a native, so I may have to apply for my "Renoite" card soon!  ;-)

Hi all, 

We moved to Reno from the Bay Area 2 years ago.  In March we bought our first buy and hold and rented to my mother in law.  (Tough to evict her 😀 but the rent is great)  We are about to buy a second and want to keep going.  

I'd be thrilled to network with anyone in the area to see how we might be able to help each other.  I travel almost every week so weekend meetings are usually best.

Non Real Estate related, I'm a pricing expert and happy to chat about pricing anything.  

Thanks @Michael S. Helton for starting this thread. I'm happy to say I'm a native and current Nevada guy working in both insurance and real-estate. I look forward to meeting some great minds and learning a lot along the way. 

Welcome @Garrett Diegel !  Fallon is an interesting market right now with the "Tesla Effect" radiating out through the area.

I'd agree @Michael S. Helton . I 'm wondering how much of it is true and how much is hype. But, I suppose both will drive prices. I have been insuring quite a few more new  home purchases these days which is a good thing for sure. 

Hello everyone,

I am a REI from SF Bay Area. Looking to invest in/around Reno, NV and South Lake Tahoe in multi family properties. Would love to connect with wholesalers and other investors.

By the way, if anyone has any recommendations for a good General Contractor for South Lake Tahoe area, please let me know.


Welcome @Andy A. !  I will send you the number for a GC I know.  He is on the more expensive side, but he has been in business forever and does high quality work.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kevin and I am new to REI and have been to a few local REI meetings and have connected with several investors in the area. I am focused on locating investment opportunities and partnering with others on rehab projects.

If you would like to be apart of my email listing of potential RE investment in the Reno area please send me your contact information. 

Hi Folks,

I've been in Reno for 17 years now.  Was in the mortgage business as a wholesale rep and mortgage broker for five years.  Have done dozens of construction projects from raw land to C-of-O.  I have a background in computer-aided drafting (CAD), mostly for architecture, but also for mechanical, structural, and electrical engineering.  My background also includes decades of marketing and sales experience in software and telecommunications.

I'm looking to connect with all investors in the region and to help people with anything I can do, as well as flip some properties.  If there are any meetings or local forums, I would look forward to shaking hands and getting to know the local group.

Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!

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