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Hi from Sparks. I'm checking in locally although I invest remotely in Atlanta. I'd love to do a Meetup and meet local investors.

Hi Michael Helton and the Northern Nevada thread. Just wanted to introduce myself as new on the scene. I live in San Francisco but this year I'm starting up a company to do rental real estate in Reno/Sparks. I'm eager to meet locals and get involved in the community. I drove up to Reno today and tomorrow (Sunday May 7) I plan to do a driving tour all around the Reno area and I would love to meet up with any locals in the industry to have coffee and network. My website is still pretty new but you can find it at Feel free to send me a message I'd love to have a chat!

Lots of people for SanFran here.  You should all do a Meetup!  Or maybe we can put an event together up here in Reno.

Hey Jon, 

I'd love to meet you but this weekend doesn't work. Let me know next time you're in town. 

We'd also be interested in meeting everyone and studying northern Nevada investment opportunities. 

I'm a Realtor/Investor up the mountain in Incline Village and have interest in a Meet-up as a Reno investor...

Hi Marian, I just joined Cultivate Business group in Reno. It's a network only for those in the industry. I really liked the initial meeting and the first official meeting is May 31st at Sommerset. I'll shoot the information when I get it if you're interested. I know there is another meet up in the evenings through Keller Williams but I've never been.


There is an investor meet-up that meets on the third Wednesday at the Keller Williams office in South Reno.  Go to meet up and get the most up to date information regarding this meet-up.

There is usually 15-20 investors that attend on a regular basis that I'm sure would be willing to share information.

Please note that all meetups must be posted in the Events & Happenings forum. 

Originally posted by @Michael S. Helton :

@Scott Madans welcome to BP!  You just missed the monthly meeting hosted by the Realtors association last week. 

There is different investors group meeting next week on the 21st. Here is the meetup link.

@Michael S. Helton, thanks...that figures!  I will try to catch the next one on the 21st.

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Going good, Mike.  The lender I hooked up with has some great rates and fees are close to nothing.  Market is loving it.  How are you doing?

Hello fellow Northern Nevada members,

My name is Brian and I am new to REI. I am a Northern Nevada native and I am interested in finding multifamily deals around the University or in Midtown and single family deals in the Sparks/Spanish Springs areas. I am hoping to connect with investors and wholesalers in the area.

I would love learning from and investing with others to help grow some upfront cash for future investment opportunities.

Has anyone in here dealt with a foreclosure eviction and advise on what to do?

@Michael Cameron Do you mean an eviction in Nevada?  They are different, and easier, here than in CA.  Send me a message if you would like more information.

I’m new to the Reno area I actually live in CA jus a bit north of Reno but would love to find some meet ups in Reno. I’m fairly new to real estate. But I’m currently on my second live in fixer upper not sure if we will flip it or hold it. If anyone needs help with rental turnovers or what not (handyman work) I’d love to help out and build some learning relationships. I look forward to hopefully meeting up with some of you.

@James Murphy Welcome to Bigger Pockets!  To sell or not to sell, that is the queston!  If you would like some ideas, post it up, there are lots of people here with great ideas.

Hello Everyone,

I live in the Bay Area and am looking to move somewhere around the Reno/ northern Nevada area. I would really like to meet a local RE agent that is familiar with the area and can help me find my first property.

Thank you,

James,  I moved to Reno about 20 years ago from the San Jose area. I can help you find something. As a realtor and investor, I'm sure we would be a great match.   You can reach me at    I'm with Keller Williams Group One Inc in Reno.  Let's connect!

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