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@James Brezil welcome to BP.  It's a great community, the amount of support here is amazing! 

I've talked to several investors from the bay area, and the reasons they are interested in Reno varies but is usually related to being able to purchase at a better price point than in the Bay. How about you, what interests you in Reno?

Thank you everyone, There are a few reasons why I want to move there, its less expensive than here for the most part, I want to move out of the big city, and I have some other projects that I would like to start that will require some land to work on. I have always liked that area and never thought until recently to move there.

@James Brezil sounds like your primary reasons for looking into the Reno are "typical."  Don't forget, no state income tax.  

One thing that I really like about the area is it has something for almost everyone.  Reno is big enough to give you some city activities such as performing arts and some unique culture but drive ~45 minutes and your in a place where your closest neighbor might be a a half mile away, or at Tahoe...

A good local business news resource is the Northern Nevada Business Weekly .   

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, otherwise have a great Memorial Day this weekend!

Love the local love from everyone in Northern Nevada. 

@Michael S. Helton Thanks for starting the thread, although a long time ago. I'd love to connect with you and other local investors to learn a bit more about the markets outside of my own. 

Hello! Bill Scott here. Live in Reno and am buying my first investment property here as well. Is the Investor meet up in Carson still ongoing?

Hello, I'm a new investor currently have one duplex. I'm experiencing the opportunity to do a complete rehab on one unit thanks to a bad tenant. At least the next tenant will get a nice place to live and I got a learning opportunity. 

@Thomas Hanks Sounds like a good way to approach it.  Hopefully you have a hassle-free unit for years to come after the renovation.

@Thomas Hanks - Good luck - time to make it as bullet proof as you can I guess. Seems like everything we go through is a good education. 

@Bill Schrimpf - What are you seeing in Reno for investments, multi-family or small SFH. Our local market is getting tighter so we are looking outside of our rural markets to Reno, Carson , and out of state.

@Garrett Diegel - I would say the low hanging fruit is mostly picked.  Bottom line, rents are rising the big queston is what are the investors goals and are they inline with the market.

@Bill Schrimpf - I would agree. The market is certainly not aligned with our goals now. Unless we can find and off market deal etc. They are still out there

@Thomas Hanks

Bummer someone tore up your place. That’s every landlords nightmare. Did you file an insurance claim? I have always hoped insurance would help out if that happened but I haven’t had to make a claim yet. Just wondering if they actually will pay when you need them.


Hi Michael,

Beautiful country out there!  I partner with my brother on projects out there.  PM me if you need any help with insurance or general risk management concerns!

This is a little off topic to the thread, but related to the area.  Anyone here have a great recommendation for a property mgr or mgmt company that they'd like to recommend for the Reno/Sparks area?  My current prop mgr is seeming more "iffy" nowadays and I'd like to have a fallback in my back pocket.

Thanx in advance!

@George Lui Its interesting that you say this, because the two property managers I have used in the past have both sold their PM businesses recently.  I will send you a message with contact info for a third which comes recommended.

Originally posted by @Michael S. Helton :

@George Lui Its interesting that you say this, because the two property managers I have used in the past have both sold their PM businesses recently.  I will send you a message with contact info for a third which comes recommended.

Thx @Michael S. Helton!  Would much appreciate the reference!

Hello.  I recently moved to Reno from Orange County, CA.  I've traditionally invested in single families in the Midwest, but am interested in meeting investors around here and seeing what works locally.  

I'm aware of the investor meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at Keller-Williams.  Are there any other investor meetups? 


I'm looking for a home to move into myself and fix up so the margin doesn't have to be high.


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Hi everyone, I'm a real estate agent in the Carson City and Reno areas. I plan to get into investing in flips and rentals in the not-too-distant future, but for now I'm just learning about the business. 

Sonia, welcome. We have an investor's group who meets the third Wednesday of every month and welcome you to learn from the group.  Contact me for more information.

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