Northern Nevada - Introduce Yourself

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@Ethan Bowen - I just noticed you asekd for help a few weeks ago.   I would be happy to help you get to know Reno better.  Can you please provide a little more info about what your looking for?

Thanks for the welcome!  Virginia, my Wednesdays are busy right now, unfortunately, but thanks for inviting me!

Hello everyone, I just moved up to Zephyr Cove in Lake Tahoe from Southern California and am looking to get connected and network in the Northern Nevada Real Estate scene. I'm a carpenter for a luxury home builder up here in Tahoe as my W-2. 

I'm interested in Fix and Flip opportunities and BRRRR buy and Holds in the Reno/Carson City Area. Looking to network with flippers, wholesalers, and realtors as I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can about the Northern Nevada market. Thanks to everyone who contributes on here as I have been learning a ton lately.

Hi! My name is Andres. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida who recently moved back to Reno to be closer to family. I have rental properties in Florida, and Nevada, and in the process of completing the Nevada Real Estate licensing requirements. My target investments are 4br/3b class A single-family properties in the top 3 school zones. I would love to get together with fellow BP members and pick your brains. My market knowledge is 20 years old, so anything helps. Thanks!

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