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@Ethan Bowen - I just noticed you asekd for help a few weeks ago.   I would be happy to help you get to know Reno better.  Can you please provide a little more info about what your looking for?

Thanks for the welcome!  Virginia, my Wednesdays are busy right now, unfortunately, but thanks for inviting me!

Hello everyone, I just moved up to Zephyr Cove in Lake Tahoe from Southern California and am looking to get connected and network in the Northern Nevada Real Estate scene. I'm a carpenter for a luxury home builder up here in Tahoe as my W-2. 

I'm interested in Fix and Flip opportunities and BRRRR buy and Holds in the Reno/Carson City Area. Looking to network with flippers, wholesalers, and realtors as I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can about the Northern Nevada market. Thanks to everyone who contributes on here as I have been learning a ton lately.

Hi! My name is Andres. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida who recently moved back to Reno to be closer to family. I have rental properties in Florida, and Nevada, and in the process of completing the Nevada Real Estate licensing requirements. My target investments are 4br/3b class A single-family properties in the top 3 school zones. I would love to get together with fellow BP members and pick your brains. My market knowledge is 20 years old, so anything helps. Thanks!

Hi All-

I am looking for a referral to a real estate savvy CPA. 



   Try Sitkoff O'neil . They have a Reno office as well as Truckee and SF.  

Originally posted by @Sam Stout :


   Try Sitkoff O'neil . They have a Reno office as well as Truckee and SF.  

Hi Sam,

Does Sitkoff O'Neil have RE focus?   

That is not their main focus, but they are well versed in RE.

Originally posted by @Sam Stout :

That is not their main focus, but they are well versed in RE.

 Thanks.  I might check them out.

Just joined this group. I have a few rental properties and am interested in transitioning to paper investments but don't know where to start. Trying to learn as much as I can.

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Hello Northern Nevada BPers,

I am new to BP and interested in getting into buy and hold for rental investing.  My wife and I have owned 6 homes, but have never thought of investing in RE.  We've always bought, fixed up, then in a few years sold.  It seems in all of those homes we've had various types of rehab work to do, so there is plenty of experience there.  When it comes to investing however, we are total newbies.

I have been spending quite a bit of time reading, watching past webinars, and trying to educate myself.  Would love to network with others and see what this is all about.  



Welcome @Brian Hirscher Its a tight market in Reno right now for flipping, but there are opportunities (especially for buy and hold).  Send me a message if you ever want to get together and discuss Re.

Hey, guys. 

Just joined Bigger Pockets today. 

I have some investment experience using banks and my own money in both residential and commercial properties but have been out of the game for a while. 

Currently, I am a software engineer and freelance copywriter.

I am attacking this like I know nothing. To gain knowledge and to turn REI into a full-time passion.

Loved to hook up with like-minded investors. 

Howdy Northern Nevada,

I'm a newer member here on Bigger Pockets and just thought I'd say hello to the local group. I'm interested in starting to build a portfolio using the BRRRR method and investing in multi family properties using a stack framework.

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