Experience with Fix/Flips in Reno

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Hey there people,

I have been investing and flipping in CA and mid west states, and I am now looking to do some things in Reno. I have experience buying foreclosures, fixing them up and selling them, which is what I plan to do in Reno. I would love to chat with people who are doing this to see what kind of margins you are able to get. I have capital as well as LOC available, just scouting at the moment -


Sam. I have been doing fix and flips from Reno south to Gardnerville for a number of years in addition to purchasing for our rental portfolio. As with the CA market you need to look hard and deep in order to find the right property. Currently we are looking for the dirtiest, nastiest, uguliest property on the market to transform them into sellable properties

Hi Sam,

I work full-time with Wedgewood and I can vouch that pretty much it's just us and one other local company, Harcourts, showing up at the steps. We can take the foreclosures really tight due to the size of the companies/cheap debt. There are a few other locals that hit the scene regularly and pick up occasional deals but being very honest- foreclosures are hard in this area for the mom/pop flipper.

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