Newark NJ Investing.

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i am an investor, ii currently ownNproerties in essex county NJ, would like to hear more information about your properties,.      THANK YOU,ALL THE BEST

if interested i move forward ASAP

@Vanessa Grant I’m a Realtor in NJ but I also own on North 6th Street. I purchased on 4/27/18 and appreciated substantially in the last year and I cash flow wonderfully. The property is not distressed though. Newark is smoking hot right now. Wishing you the best returns ever!

It depends where on N 7th?? Lower numbers underneath Route 280 are rough near Fairmount Cemetery. The further North you go the better it gets. I inspected a foreclosure multi family on lower North 6th South of Route 280 back in 2017 for Chase Bank. Front of Property was covered in blood after a brutal homicide. 

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