Multifamily Investing in ABQ

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Hey All,

I'm hoping to chat with some investors or brokers specializing in multifamily buildings in Albuquerque. I'm also hoping to hear from anyone with experience doing buy and hold in the Southeast. 


@William Strother You can do it in a bit more proactive way, by searching for AB via BP. The search results will be given to you by people, forums, etc... You can then start reaching out yourself to anyone on these posts results.

Best of luck!

@Alina Trigub . Thanks. I have done this, however the only members commenting on MF's larger than 2's and 4's seem to no longer be active. I did send some cold emails to them but websites associated with the companies seem also to no longer be active. There are however many new users and users who flip, wholesale, own singles etc but not much in the way of MF owner operators, specifically. 

@William Strother Have you explored Marketplace section of BP. You can place a "Wanted" post there. Maybe that'll attract some attention of the AB locals. Also, ideally you'd want to spend a few days in the market, maybe even fly out there several times and join the local REI clubs and network with the locals that way.

Hi William, 

I own a couple of units here, but they are a duplex and fourplex.  However, if there's something I can help you with, let me know.

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@William Strother   "I'm hoping to chat with some investors or brokers specializing in multifamily buildings in Albuquerque."

I am a broker/investor based in Albuquerque. 

@Gannon Coffman

I'm a Multifamily investor, Interested learning more about your Market. Specifically about the Job and Population growth, Vacancy rates, New building trends and general health of the Multifamily sector in NM.

@Hadar Orkibi I don't get on here as often as I probably should. Apologies for the delay. I will email you some information this weekend.

@Hadar Orkibi : It is interesting to see why would you chose  NM-ABQ.  What attracts your investments to this place? 

@Gannon Coffman - Would like to connect with you to see what kind of Investing options are in town/state. 


@Naveen Desai I'm researching the market at this point. you don't hear much about it, that's why im interested.

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