Broker who deals with distressed properties

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Hello BP!

My name is Jeff, and I am a recent Santa Fe transplant. I moved here about a month ago from Colorado.

I'm interested in purchasing my first property in Santa Fe. I want to owner-occupy a multi-unit property (I'm looking at anything up to four units), and I've already been pre-approved by a lender for an FHA loan. Price range is anywhere up to ~$380k, possibly more if I found a smoking deal.

I've been working with a local realtor, and she's been great. However, I asked her about the distressed property situation in Santa Fe, and because this is not her area of expertise, she was unable to help me. Does anyone know of a realtor in Santa Fe who specializes in distressed properties, and has experience working with investors? I'm particularly interested in distressed multi-unit properties in Santa Fe (although I'm not sure that these even exist in this city). 

Any networking recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated!