Seeking an amazing PM in Brooklyn NY for three 3-family buildings

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Hello fellow NY Landlords & Property Managers:

We are seeking to potentially off-load up to three of our 3-Family Buildings in North/Central Brooklyn NY to a detail-oriented, will-stop-at-nothing-to-do-it-right Property-Manager (maybe one that specializes in 3-family townhomes & brownstones in Brooklyn).

We're seeking a PM that will treat our Tenants with dignity, respect, and professionalism and that will treat our buildings as though they owned them & lived there themselves....

Does such a thing even exist? Do any of you currently use such a PM, that you're extremely happy with, and can recommend?

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for posing this question, @Brooklyn R. I'm also in the market for a property manager for two different 3-family buildings of mine in Brooklyn. One is in East NY and the other is in Brownsville.

Ok, If you find a good one, please PM me too...    (If neither of us finds one, it might pay to team-up, join-forces, or 'unionize' is some manner in order to be more attractive to PMs and negotiate better terms...

Hi, my name is Renarda, I have over 20 years experience as as Property Manager and as an investor. I am familiar and have worked in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.  

I am interested in learning more about your properties and it’s needs to help give you each an ease of mind.

@Michael G. I work for a small company based in Park Slope. We mostly handle 2-20 unit buildings. Where are your buildings located. We handle most of Brooklyn and parts of lower a Manhattan. We are one stop shopping handling property management and also rentals/sales/construction/concierge services. Message me if you’d like to chat more. Good luck!

@Swaga Deb   - I ended up hiring a part time (on demand) maintenance manager who handles whatever is needed when it's needed.  This serves our needs perfectly, at a fraction of the cost of a PM

Thank you so much,

I really appreciate it, I'm surprised you are the first person to message me back. Are there not a property managers in Brooklyn? We are also looking for someone to help with finding renters. 

If you're looking for someone to manage, maintain and also help with finding renters, then youll probably seek a full time PM -  Something we definitely don't want since it's not what were looking for.... Check above - There are a few Brooklyn PMs who responded to this request for info