How much does it cost to form an LLC in NYC? Who do you use?

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Just wondering who you used to form your LLCs. are you happy with them? what do they charge?

I am based in Queens NY. I am looking to put a long term buy and hold into this LLC with one other partner.


Hi Michael,

I did a lot of my research on You will find a log of good information there on LLC formation. You'll find the necessary costs of LLC formation like $200 state fee and how much it would cost to get your paper work processed, and the paperwork you would need.

I dont know who you would use or go to but maybe that website could help point you in some direction... I haven’t set up a partnership so sorry about that... Paying someone to do it is a slightly different story. 

I know a lawyer who specilizes in filing. If you would like the details please DM me.

I hope this helps.

Happy Investing,


@Michael Eng

Are you looking to form the LLC in NY or in another state?
The process and cost to form an LLC varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

In NY, the cost of LLC formation is normally higher than in other states because we have the publication requirement.

Another thing you haven't mentioned - are you looking for just assistance on forming the LLC or do you also need assistance with the operating agreement?

@Michael Eng

Hey I formed my LLC through INCFILE cost me about $534 they allowed me to use a vertial address in Albany where I used that address to publish which was pretty cheap. I then waited a few month and changed my address of my LLC to my NYC address and changed my registered agent as myself. It's extremely easy but definitely read on at LLC UNIVERSITY they give you an awesome way to do it.