Should I sell my NYC apartment or rent it out right now?

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Large sunny studio in good Kips Bay location, can probably get $2200 on rental market (after coop rental fees - $2600 gross) and can maybe sell for $500k if lucky.

I figure prices might bounce back after vaccine in 2021, but then again, maybe not. 

How would you proceed? Wait it out and rent it in meantime or just sell straightaway?

@Vik C.

Its a co-op with likely maintenance and an additional fee to rent it out.

This will likely not make a good investment.

You are likely also eligible for the 121 exclusion if you live and owned the house for 2 out of the last 5 years.

I would sell and buy in a more business-friendly market. You haven't said whether the 500k would be a gain or loss, but if it's a gain I would cash in and go to a lower risk area.

School enrollments in the top perform schools in Greenwich village zip codes are off 30+%. This is swinging from a wait-list pre COVID-19.  I heard this directly from a landlord in the Hudson st. / Christopher St. neighborhoods. Depends on your target tenant, but wealthy families are moving out in droves.  

Its Manhattan, people will move back in time, but IMO, it's a mess right now with COVID-19 and the social unrest that the current city leadership supports. 

tenants are looking for a wild amount of concessions, so not sure if you're taking that into account with the rent you're looking for.  That, plus no tenant will ever treat your home like you do, so the value may be a tenant in a coop will likely have to go through the arduous approval process.  I faced the same dilemma, put my apartment on the market and was in contract in a month.  If you have an attractive apartment and price it well, buyers are there.  

Hi @Vik C.,

Hold out on renting the co-op if you can avoid that option. As @Brandon Cohen said, the number of concessions are ridiculous heavily in favor of tenants at the moment. 
What's your timeline looking like? If you need the cash now, selling is an option. There are certainly buyers right now. According to Urban Digs, Supply has been going down and Pending Sales are going up so make of that what you will.