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Hi fellow BP members!

I'm a newbie currently in the process of reading books and listening to podcasts related to personal finance and real estate investing. I've been looking for local meetups to attend, but quite frankly, I'm really nervous about it as I feel like I won't bring much to the table or be able to pick things up with the very limited knowledge I have about this industry.

So I figured maybe it'd be helpful to meet people in smaller groups or 1-on-1. Since networking and connecting with real people is an important part of this journey... I'd love to meet fellow newbies and investors to talk with and learn from! Whether you feel just as clueless as I do, or you're pretty knowledgeable/experienced and can teach me a thing or two -- I don't mind which category you fall under, let's connect!

Just to give a short background info about me: I live in Long Island and work in Brooklyn, so meeting up on the island or in the city is not an issue for me. I'm interested in single family and multi family properties (hopefully to househack, but just renting it out would be fine too depending on the location) in CT and NY.

Looking forward to talking to you guys soon. Feel free to comment on this post or DM me if you're interested!



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