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Hi Everyone,

Looking for recommendation for RE Attorney in South Charlotte. Looking to setup an LLC (would like Series vs Traditional) and looking at making offers on properties yesterday. Would like this LLC setup ASAP and EIN generated to open bank accounts and the such.



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google, investor attorney charlotte
And a few show up :)

Harry Marsh is being modest.  He's THE closing attorney in Charlotte.  For more in depth legal work check out Joshua Vann at Morten Gettys.

@Timothy R Vitale

@Harry Marsh I reached out through your website. Look to touch base whenever you can

@Josh Stack thank you, I reached out to them as well. Joshua, per their website, does more of the commercial real estate side of things but I did talk to someone on their chat function and passed my contact info along so they can reach out when they are available.

Thank you both!

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