REI newbie looking for mentor/partner in Fayetteville area

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Hay I'm as new as new can get when it comes to Real Estate Investing. I have done some research, mostly into the creative investing because I'm extremely short on funds to get into this. But I'm looking for a mentor to help guide me on my first deals and show me the ropes. Because I'm trying hard but my family knows how far my hair brained ideas go and they don't think I will get anywhere with this. But that's only because all of those hair brained ideas died out because of obvious reasons, they were just not realistically achievable goals.

I'm extremely ambitious, driven and when it comes to learning how to close money making deals I'm extremely eager to learn. Because seriously how can knowing that you have the skills and knowledge that not a lot of people have to close a money making deal not get you excited and your adrenalin pumping. I think once I get the basics down and know what to avoid I can do this. Because I've always been good with rules and how to use those rules to benefit me. I'm competitive not only with other but myself more than anyone cuz I'm never satisfied, I'm always hungry for more. 

And as much as I value money, I value knowledge, experience and wisdom far more. Because without those you cannot have the insight need to make the right decision to close those money making deals. So if there's anyone In the Reaford, Fayetteville, or Hope Mills area, get in touch with me cuz I have the mindset for greatness.

Welcome to BP! I'm stationed here at Fort Bragg. I have been looking in the Fayetteville market for a few months and there are a lot of deals if you know what you are looking for! The biggest downside is that there are a ton of investors in this area, so good deals do not last. 

I just bought my first house here. I hear multi families are harder to sell here because of military is looking for single families. I have found out that the best school district is Jack Britt followed by Pine Forrest.I don't have much experience but I can offer you my realtors number and make a few other recommendations. Good luck on your journey! 

Yeah thanks man that would be great.

Welcome @Chad Gibson .  I've been investing in the Fayetteville area since 2006.  Not a whole lot of appreciation, so you need to focus on making your money on the buy side vs. sell side.  There is still plenty of opportunity, but there are more and more investors coming in as @Brett Campbell mentioned, so it can take longer to find deals that meet your investment criteria.

Good luck!

According to my friend who's a real estate agent in Charlotte it's all about area too, cuz according to here there's steady business in the larger cities for investors.  

I'm also in Fayetteville. Decent little town for investing. Still pretty new myself but there are good resources around, and in this thread that can help you succeed.

Learn the market, network, be patient, and PERSISTANT!

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