Has anyone figured out the source of the BOOMS yet?

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Somewhat frequently, although intermittently, many of us hear a booming sound in southern Wake county and northern Johnston county. I've heard them in Sampson county as well, but there I can't tell if the noise is from the same source. 

Over the past month, I've heard them in Holly Springs, Fuquay, Willow Spring, and Lillington. To me, it seems like they are originating in Fuquay somewhere. My guess is it's construction activity (explosives) since I can't pinpoint anything else. 

Any ideas? When you hear them, you think... 'What the h#%%! was that?' as in a train wreck or something. 

@Chris Martin

Someone posted on the next door app in Garner that there are military jets breaking the sound barrier...not sure if that is true or not, but yes there has been a bunch of them lately.

The military says it's not them. I am frequently at a parcel in Sampson county equidistant between Ft. Bragg and Seymour Johnson AFB, so know what jet booms sound like. The booms are different, and seem to me to be about the Wake/Johnston line. 

I've learned that many people have experienced this phenomenon. Not sure when or if this will affect real estate... 

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