Need a good general contractor for a Major rehab in Columbus, OH

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Hey guys,

Looking to purchase my first investment property soon, and I'm strongly considering investing in a fixer upper in an up and coming part of town. I'm not doing any additions or demo, but will need to put in somewhere from $25-$60k of works (still waiting on the showing to get a better sense of budget). repairs will probably include renovating the hardwood, painting entire housing. redoing entire bathroom and a big portion of the kitchen, etc. I will use the BRRRR strategy for this.

I'm not super handy so I will be outsourcing nearly 100% of the work. Does anyone have a good general contractor that they have had good experience with that they could recommend? 


hi @Rohit Kejriwal ,

I’m not targeting any major rehabs but you may want to consider you off-line networking.  Scope the neighborhoods that your considering.  Every time I drive for dollars, I meet and hand out my card to contractors of all trades.  You can see their work first hand and find out who runs their crew.

Good luck!