Looking for Real Estate Attorney

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Hey Guys,

Looking for any recommendations for a real estate attorney in Columbus,OH. 

I'm out of state investor trying to do a hard money lending for a flip in columbus.

Thanks & Regards 

Charan K

You’re asking the wrong question, @Charan K.  You do not want a real estate attorney. These might do closings today, evictions tomorrow, and perhaps leases the next, with an occasional loan thrown in. You want an attorney who lives and breathes lending and securities, and preferably in the state you are lending.

This is not unlike finding a doctor, CPA, or any other professional. The best way to find a lending and securities attorney is to ask others that use one. In this case, I would call some of the larger hard money lenders in the state you want to lend. Tell them what you are doing so they know you are not a competitive threat and could even be a potential source of business for them. Ask which lending attorney(s) they are happy with.

[You'll likely also find larger HML's at some of the local real estate clubs in Columbus when you are there. Off-topic I know, but you're not loaning against properties you haven't seen, right?]

Lending attorneys can be as rare as hens teeth and I bet you hear the same few names, so call each one. Again, explain what you are doing, what you think you need, and ask if they can help. Come armed with a list of questions because you’ll want to spend a bit of time with this attorney to learn the law in Ohio at a top level (lending process, licensing rqmts., paperwork, etc., etc., etc.)

Sorry I can’t give you a specific recommendation. When we started lending we didn’t know any better and ended up with the worst real estate attorney on the planet who said he understood private loans (I understand he now specializes in retirement plans). Eventually, the process above is exactly how we found our lending attorney so I hope it helps you, Charan.  Good luck.