Looking for references in Columbus, OH

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Hi All,

I'm an out-of-state investor targeting small multi-family and have been surveying Columbus the last few weeks and feel like I have a decent base knowledge of the city and am now looking for references of Agents and PM's. Ideal team member will have experience working with investors and/or is an investor themselves. I'd love to hear any referrals of rockstar team members.

I will be visiting the city in person in early December.

I'm targeting B+ to C+ neighborhoods. Cash flow will be my number 1 priority, but not willing to go to a war zone to get it.

Suburbs I like so far: Westerville, Dublin, Hilliard

Neighborhoods in the city I like so far: University district, Short North / Italian Village, near Children's Hospital, select areas of North Hilltop

@JC McClain

I have been investing in Westerville and north east Columbus for past 6 years. Became a licenced agent a year ago so i could help other investors and continue to grow and expand personal portfolio.


@Coleman Cox welcome to the increasing large contingent of Bay Area investors in the Columbus market. It has been a great market for us over last few years and happy to grab a coffee/beer/call and exchange notes. Based on your goals we are similar in most of our multi-family buildings are class C assets with strong CoC returns and cash flows. Drop me a PM and we can connect.



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