Seeking Lead Abatement advice - Cleveland, Ohio

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Hi, have a property which an assessor found to have lead hazards which need to be controlled.  

Actually the seller didn't disclose them, but don't want to digress on that point.  

Looking to hire a licensed lead abatement contractor who does residential abatement in northeast Ohio.

As it's not a single family residence, I am not allowed by state law to perform the abatement myself.  

If you have hired a licensed lead abatement contractor in Ohio please advise on the experience.

Any tips in facilitating the process or avoiding pitfalls would be appreciated.

How long did it take them? 

Would you recommend them?  

Would you not recommend them?

If you don't want to post the name of the contractor(s) publicly, please PM me.


Hi Brian - Any luck on this? The same thing happened to me.. Curious how much it was for your property.

@Brian Masterson this is ANOTHER BS " SCAM" in Cleveland, just another way to make money. Every house in America built prior to I believe 75, has lead . All you do is scrap the flaking paint, and repaint. Why are they demanding the owner replace ALL windows,side the  entire house, etc, costing, 10, 15, 20 30k, totally ridiculous. !!  But yes I can help