Connect w/ investors/entrepreneurs August 29-30-31th

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Hello all,

I am a Canadian Real estate investor and I have some experience at raising money for ventures in here in Ottawa but also for projects in Philadelphia. I and my partners are looking to expand our network of entrepreneurs/builders in the US and we heard that Cleveland was a great market.

We are looking for neighbourhoods that will outperform the city averages in the next years and that allows a BRRRRstrategy. We are coming down next week to look at some projects in Philadelphia from Monday to Wednesday but we will be driving by Cleveland after that.

Or you yourself or do you know of any entrepreneurs, active developers, or people who do have extensive knowledge of the Cleveland real estate market for investing? I would love to get in contact people like that next Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday next week.

If that description fits you, would you be available on any of those dates/times to sit down and exchange for a little bit?

Our long-term goal is to find long-term partners that are investors/entrepreneurs/builders in cities across the US by raising money for them to accomplish great ventures.

If any of that resonates with you, please connect with me and message me.

Thank you very much for your time

Michael Thibeault

Hi, @Michael Thibeault , I'm an active investor in Cleveland, and originally from there. Based out of California, I have a construction company in Cleveland that does high-end flips, and I also renovate rental property to keep in our portfolio. I grew up in Cleveland and would be happy to jump on the phone to discuss our business. We do use construction loans for the majority of our purchases, but if the numbers make sense, we have partnered with cash investors in the past. Feel free to contact me at your convenience. 

First time poster. I'm from Rocky River and looking to begin investing in the CLE real estate market. Mainly westside. I plan to join the BP Investor Meetup this week at the Brew Garden. See you there @Ryan Arth.

Originally posted by @Ryan Arth :

@Michael Thibeault Our monthly BP Investor Meetup is Thursday evening. You are more than welcome to join if you would like. It is at 6pm at the Brew Garden in Middleburg Heights (SouthWest Cleveland).

Thanks for your Reply Ryan,
I can't find your meetup group on Do you have a link?

I don’t know BP’s policy on links. It is called the Cleveland Real Estate Think Tank.

There will also be a posting on BP under the Events tab, but I don’t know if it is there yet.