Where to buy appliances in bulk (in the Cincinnati area)?

4 Replies | Cincinnati, Ohio

We are finishing up a building and need to fill about 30-40 appliances.   Local property manager has not been able to give me good quotes.   Any suggestion where to find reasonable prices appliances in the Cincinnati area?

@Edward Liu I always purchase from Home Depot or Menards. They offer warranty on every appliance. I had an issue with a washer and Home Depot was able to send a technician out and fix the product in a timely manner. 

Most cities have local vendors who offer much better prices vs. Home Depot, more tailored toward commercial apartment buildings. In some cities, we are able to get appliances less than $250 per piece from these type vendors if purchase in bulk. They can also repair and provide warranty. I am asking this question as my current property manager mostly manage SFH, thus quotes are from big box stores. I want to see what are alternatives to the big box stores in the area.

What a great question. I’d be interested to find out too if there are vendors that provide cheaper price.

I assume that you look for new appliances.  I know a vendor provide appliances with small dents and scratches with 1-year warranty for cheaper price. Let me know if you would be interested. 

@Edward Liu . I like Recker and Boerger, they’re local and they have their own service technicians. They sell scratch and dent and they’ll work deals with you. I’ve received good service from the salespeople. Not sure if they’re right for your situation but they’re worth a try.