Investing in Cincinnati neighborhoods

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I'm a new investor and have been looking into purchasing my first property in Cincinnati. I'm originally from there, but I'll admit its been a few years since I've been back and I'm not entirely familiar with a lot of the initiatives that the city has enacted. I've been doing my research on BP and various other sites, and I was hoping to invest in the Uptown areas, but just from an initial look at Zillow, it seems to me that the area looks quite flooded with rental properties. I've been hesitating to include those areas in my search, as I just wasn't sure I would be able to find tenants, based off of the glut of inventory. Anyone have any negative or position investing experiences in the Uptown areas that could give me some insight?

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Hi, I’m not an investor (yet) but I volunteer with a student organization with most of the students living in Uptown. I am aware that there will likely be a drop of international students for this coming fall semester due to COVID concerns. That may impact short-term demand but I’d imagine it wouldn’t affect mid to long term outlook.