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Jumping into the Small Multifamily market in Cincinnati
Hey all, I'm a wholesaler and house hacker from Atlanta. I am partnering up with my sister to buy a small multifamily (2-4 units) property in greater Cincinnati before the end of Spring 2020. We both live in expensive... View more
Hey everyoneI am a new investor and I would like to know you opinion on WestWood neighborhood In the part that’s close to Cheviot. If anyone works there I would like to get the general information about the area and... View more
Coin Op Laundry Leasing
Does anyone have experience with leasing coin op laundry in small multi families? I’m aware of some places that have a minimum unit requirement, but would like some options for our 5 unit portfolio (or maybe only a... View more
Golf Manor property management
Hi,I'm looking at a 5 unit in the Golf Manor area of Cincinnati.  I've called several property management companies and none seem helpful or didn't cater to that small of a building. Can anyone suggest a PM in that... View more
Golf Manor
Hi Folks!I'm wondering about Golf Manor. Does anyone have any info or experience about fix & flip in that part of town? Also, I'm just wondering what is hot in the northern burbs.Thanks!
property managers Cincinnati, OH
Hello, I am looking for some property manager recommendations in the Cincinnati, OH area. Particularly those with expertise in small multi families. Thank you,Cory
Seeking referral - Attorney to break contract with vendor
Hi BP I'm looking at terminating a contract with a vendor who is not respecting our terms. Can anyone direct me to an attorney who can assist? Thanks a lotFlorent
Investing in Low cost Multi Family homes?
Hello guys, It's been a dream for me to start investing in real estate. I currently live in Florida, but the housing market is very expensive in south Florida. I wanted to invest in multi family homes and I have been... View more
Lender with low seasoning requirements
I am an out-of-state investor looking for a lender to do cash-out refinancing that has low seasoning times. My properties are in the Cincinnati area. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?Thanks in advance!
Local Multifamily Lenders
Hello - anyone aware of lenders that will lend on stabilized multifamily properties (20+ units) in Ohio (specifically the Cincinnati MSA). Ideally looking for the following terms:Loan Amount: $1MM - $5MMLTV: 65%-75%... View more
HVAC or heating/cooling options as a service?
Hey BP,In the middle of a rehab on my first BRRRR.Duplex is about 3000sqft and has ducts to first and second floors, but not to 3rd, and needs to heating and cooling options for entire duplex. Option 1: pay around 20K... View more
Finding Investors for the Cincinnati area
A few months ago I started purchasing houses under 50,000 that are livable and need minimal work in the Cincinnati area. I am looking for investors that would want to possibly use a self directed IRA to fund the... View more
Finally Found a BRRRR deal now what....?
Hey BP,My names Jesse and this is my first post.I finally after looking at countless properties, crunching numbers, have found a deal that is a BRRRR, at least I think so.It's a SFH 4bd/3ba 2600 sqftGood news:nice part... View more
Help with turning a Triplex into a duplex
Hello BP,I currently have triplex under contract in Covington, Northern Kentucky. It a 3 story building (the top floor is the attic) where each floor is its own 1B1B unit. I am planning out my rehab but turning a... View more
Cincinnati Cleaner Reference - Lee Ann Williamson
Hey Guys, I am hiring a cleaner/dog sitter by the name of Lee Anne Williamson. Has anyone worked with her? She'd have access to my place while I'm out of town so I'm just wanting to make sure she's not crazy. She seems... View more
In Cincinnati this evening
I will be in Cincinnati this afternoon/evening (Friday). Looking to meet up with a turn key provider or someone who knows good people. Looking forward to meeting you.Regards,Ethan
Looking for a Cincinnati Area Tax Advisor/CPA and Wholesalers
HI,I'm newer to multi-family investing and want to switch to a CPA that has a focus on real estate investment tax strategies.  Also, interested in connecting with greater Cincinnati area wholesalers for both single... View more
Avondale Trending Up?
Sellers keep talking about how Avondale has turned the corner and will continue to improve in the coming years. They keep pointing to all the investments going on and around Children's Hospital, and UC. At the same... View more
BRRR Financing Recommendations?
Hello Everyone,I'm looking to cash-out refi a single family home that is worth about $100K that I have owned since November.  I did the rehab, have a tenant, and would like to get some cash back to do it again.  Who is... View more
Submitting an offer on a bank owned property
Hello everyone,I found a great multi-family bank owned property in the Cincinnati area. I believe the property would make a great BRRRR I want to submit an offer on it but am kind of confused on which steps to take... View more
Looking for Property Managers and Turnkey Providers
Hi Everyone,Hope Everyone is having a great day. I am currently invested in Atlanta, Birmingham and Dallas markets. I am looking for PM and TKP in Cincinnati market.Please let me know if you can recommend... View more
Brokers for Out of State Agents
I'm looking to take my test in the next couple of weeks and I am currently looking for brokers who are open to having out of state investors as a part of their team.  Does any one have any recommendations?