Was wondering if anyone here in the Cincinnati area has a good feel for the rental market for SFH's in Norwood(CINCY). I've got a 3 bed 1 bath(adding another 1/2 on first floor) no driveway(ample room for one) that's been remodeled(with some poor craftsmanship that will have be fixed). It's right near Tower Park and Norwood Elementary. I haven't been able to find any comps for rent, the nice part is, this house also works for a flip.... so I'm not to worried if I struggle to find returns renting it. (ARV with added bathroom and other cosmetics fixes is $50k(minus holding/closing costs etc) more than the purchase price, so I like the flexibility it has, but my goal is a long term hold so hopefully I can gain some insight as to what type of rents I could get... and maybe whether others would sell. That area seems to be gaining lots of steam.. lots of fixed up homes and I'd like to get in on some of that appreciation... so please someone just tell me the smart thing to do is rent it out!