Need Realtor in Cincinnati - Oakley, Norwood, Madisonville area

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I'm looking to buy my first rental property (looking for a single family home) here in the next month or two.  My father just retired and he is going to help me get It ready to rent, etc..

I live in Oakley and am looking to get a place somewhere nearby.  Oakley would be great, but more likely Norwood or Madisonville.  My work schedule has me in the office generally from 7AM - 6PM so I would need someone that could do evening showing or weekend showings...and ideally you are nearby so short notice could be okay sometimes.  If this property goes well I will look to purchase another right after the first one gets rented (so hopefully more business to come!)

What is short notice?  For occupied homes there is still notice to the occupants that could delay a short notice visit.  Regardless. I live in Anderson and can get you in to homes in Oakley or surrounding areas. I am licensed in real estate in OH and KY as well am an OH attorney. 

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