Cincinnati property management suggestions

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Call Josh Harkavy with Balanced Property Solutions in Cincinnati.  He is managing property for a couple of my commercial clients.  He does a great job.

Tell him Victor Patel referred you.

So nice to hear of someone who really likes their PM.  I have to find a new one for my properties in KC 

If you are using CRES, I would double check things every month, we have sued them several times and they were horrible and charging way too much.  I recommend Hayes-Gibson any day for ANY part of the country.  

Hello, I work with Jim Shapiro from Weybridge Realty for a 12 unit building in the Cincinnati area and then Dix property for an SFR in the Greater Cincinnati. Both are good. I have a list of Cincinnati property managers for multi units I compiled earlier this year and happy to share

Daniel I saw this post and reviewed the ones listed here.  The ppty managers seem to be focused on more of the multi-family.  Different set of requirements and skills vs managing single family homes. 

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