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Hello everyone, just wondering which B and C class neighborhoods in Cincinnati would be profitable to look at for a potential house hack/long term buy and hold investment. Considering I am a beginner, I'd like to stay away from low end and high crime neighborhoods. Just wondering everyone's thoughts. The neighborhoods around Cincinnati would also be acceptable, as I am located in Hamilton.

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I'm also interested in this information.  I'm in the Chicago area and have 1 property on the South Side..but the corporate headquarters for the company I work for is downtown Cincinnati.  There's a chance I might move there in a few years after the last kid leaves the house but I'll be travelling to Cinci every 8 to 10 weeks so thought I'd start looking in that area.  I won't buy another house in IL because the state is just broke (money wise and gov't wise).  

Good luck Mark!

Mt. Washington, Hyde Park, Oakley, Mr. Lookout, Norwood, Deer Park, Pleasant Ridge as some areas to look into.  

I've househacked twice in the Clifton/Corryville area - student rents are great- these are Neighborhoods surrounding the University of Cincinnati. It's close to downtown and in an area rapidly expanding. 

Pm me if you'd like to discuss in further detail. 


Just to clarify - Hyde Park and Oakley (depending on location) are not B/C class - if you are looking for B/C class best place to look are the other area's and potentially even the West Side of Cincinnati. Hyde Park and Oakley are premium areas at this stage. 

Generally speaking, most investors prefer the east side of the city. Exact neighborhoods depend on how much appreciation and development you expect. I've met with various locals and talked to experts on my podcast and the areas that come up the most are Walnut Hills, Mt. Washington, Mt. Lookout, Pleasant Ridge and Norwood. Other areas that come up with more cautious responses are Avondale and areas on the west side. 

For a house hack I would look into walnut hills. It's scary in parts, but a ton of development is happening and scheduled to happen


I house hack a an apartment in my 5 unit building in Mt. Washington.  It's a great place.  All depends on what you are looking for in a community though.  Mt. Washington is nearby to many amenities and is an easy commute to downtown.  I would also recommend Walnut Hills and East Walnut Hills for a house hack.  Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to discuss.    

Some other potential areas not mentioned - Silverton, Forest Park, Woodlawn. And don't forget the Northern Kentucky side, which is part of the Cincinnati Metro - Bellevue, Newport, Covington, Fort Wright, Erlanger, Florence, Fort Mitchell can also be good house hacking areas.

Kennedy Heights has some great streets/neighborhoods.  Colerain Twp., Forest Park, Pleasant Ridge, Finneytown, Fairfax are all areas to look that haven't been mentioned.

Deer Park, Montfort Heights, Harrison, Hamilton, Fairfield are some outside the box locations.

I currently house-hack a duplex in Norwood. I would certainly consider Norwood a B/C area with parts of Norwood being a bit rougher than others. As @Patrick Henshaw mentioned above, Hyde Park and Oakley are certainly not B/C class and it’s very difficult to cash flow there as prices are so high. As many of cincy neighborhoods are block by block, narrow down your search and do your homework in those neighborhoods. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thank you everyone! These responses really help, I am currently going through the process of obtaining a pre-approval and I will be looking in these neighborhoods as my next step. I am leaning towards buying a duplex, so my selection is a bit more limited.

Are there any differences in renting within the Cincinnati Metro area versus renting in areas outside of 275 (Fairfield, Hamilton, etc.)? 

Any input is really appreciated.

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