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Hello all.  I'm a small-time real-estate investor.  I'm investigating the Cincinatti real estate market and would like to pay the city a visit in the next few weeks looking to build a network , to look at a few smaller multi-family properties and in general understand the city better than pure Internet search allows.

I was wondering if perhaps a real estate agent from Cincinatti that's also reading this forum would be willing to help me out with learning about the market and looking at properties. I'd be glad to provide more detail about my plans for those who are interested in learning about them; they are likely insignificant otherwise for wider audience. Let me know if you are interested in talking to me and I'll contact you directly.

I also apologize for not writing more significantly on the forum before.  I have been reading for quite a while and listening to podcasts, but didn't think I had much to contribute.

Thank you for considering this.



Hi @Filip Miletic ! Crazy that no one got back to you on this when you originally posted! Are you still looking at the Cincy market? I'm not a realtor; I'm an active investor and rehabber primarily in and around the downtown Cincinnati area. I figure that actually gives me more meaningful perspective since my own dollars are vested in the opinions I have!

Can I try to answer any of your questions? It's a great market here and you're right to be excited about! Talk soon.

Cool, thanks for reviving this thread!

I suppose my message was just not intriguing enough. It's a run-off-the-mill story.  In any case, in the meantime I've gotten some contacts in Cincinnati on my own, and many thanks to all folks who reached out via private messages!  You all know who you are!  I'm having high hopes for this year.

Best regards,


Glad to hear @Filip Miletic ! Hopefully you'll add me to that list of contacts; looking forward to providing value to you in the future!

Hi Tom Savoca!

I'm just getting active on BP. I have been working in OTR the last several years. Tom was a tenant of mine for a while. Till he started his own projects.

Look up Jim Haven. He is a local salesman who specializes in medium and large residential properties.

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