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Hi BP community,

I'm putting together a team in Cincy and looking in particular for a good property manager to help manage some Xavier area rentals.  Wanted to reach out and see if anyone has worked with a company they like and would recommend. 

Just getting started in the area and would love to connect with anyone in the area doing this kind of thing!    Thanks and have a great weekend!



I reply with this caveat: I've only been a rental owner since October of 2017, and only have experience with one property manager.

I'm using Northpoint Asset Management. I’ve had some ups and downs with them, but things seem to be getting better – and I’m hopeful. One current issue is their Cincinnati property manager currently lives in Columbus, and is only in Cincinnati a couple days a week. However, she’s from Cincinnati and is supposed to be moving back in the middle of this year.

The rest is what I gathered from my research.

Equity Team sounded pretty good. They were probably my second choice. However, they have concerns about how good of an area a property is in. Some of the properties around Xavier have a not-so-nice look to them, so I don’t if they’re willing to work the area.

CincyRents seemed like they could get expensive – especially depending on how many maintenance calls you have ($85/hr rate, materials or subcontractors used increased an additional 20%).

I never talked to RPM. However, they didn’t seem popular from my internet searches.

Cincinnati PMI has a low base fee. But make sure you look at the full menu of services and pricing. Consider how much of it you think you'll use and calculate a cost of management. I looked at it and felt like additional fees were really going to add up on me.

There are plenty of others, but these are probably the ones I looked into most. Definitely ask for a full list of services and pricing.


I have no direct experience with this property management but I know the owner of it and he is doing a great job based upon conversation with him and a few others. Feel free to check him out and let him know I referred you.

@Tony Palmisano - Thanks so much for all the info!  Really appreciate that and this is super helpful.

@Phillip Weickert - Appreciate the referral!  I'll reach out and let you know where I get with that.

Either of you guys heard of or have experience with CRES Property Management?

Thanks again!


I know of CRES because I drive by their office once or twice a week.  I ended up not talking to them when I was doing my property management research.  It's been half a year, so I might not be remembering correctly... I think I filled out their online contact form and they never got in touch with me.  A search of my Inbox indicates I got an e-mail from them thanking me for contacting them and they'd be in touch.  I don't recall any further communication.  I think I was figuring if they weren't going to be responsive to my inquiry, how can I rely on them to be responsive to my tenants or me, as a customer.

@Tony Palmisano - Thanks Tony.  Fair enough. I actually have a call into them now so I'll see how it goes, but will def keep that in mind.  Thanks again for all the info!

I don’t have experience with them but there is FFP Realty in Cincinnati.  

Originally posted by @Evan C. Davies :

@Michael K. We use HomeRiver Group across all our markets, including Cincinnati, and are very satisfied.

 What size assets are you using them for in Cinci? Can you PM me a contact there? We are expanding into Cincinnati with a lot of our clients and need a good PM. 

Robert Ellis, Real Estate Agent in OH (#2014002724)
(614) 943-9520

Stay away from RPM Midwest. They did good work for my rental, but are *horrible* about returning emails and phone calls, which was maddening.

@Scott Starrett - Hi Scott - sorry to hear you had trouble with them, but thanks very much for the tip.  I'll report back if I make any good connections to share.  Have a good weekend!  

I have good experiences with FFP Realty. I converted my home to a rental before moving to another city. FFP handled the preparation quickly (repair work, painting, maintenance, and cleaning). The property was marketed well and had a tenant after only 3 days on the market at market rents. Additionally, the lease was for 2 years. I am approaching the end of the first year and everything has gone very smoothly.


@Scott Stanfield - Hey Scott, glad to hear you had a good experience.  I'll definitely check them out.  Thanks for taking the time to share that info!

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