Looking for a good property management company in Cincinnati

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post to BiggerPockets, I'm so thankful to be part of this great community.

I'm looking to invest in my first property in Cincinnati and want to connect with a good management company there.

Any recommendations?



Hey Opher welcome to the forum

Contact Mark or John at Equity Team, they should be able to help you

You can say I referred you if you like

Hey Deep,

Thank you for the contact, have you worked with these guys before?

Just curious to know if you own in Cincinnati.



I did a similar search last year and looks like Cincinnati is really under-served in the property management realm. Even with that said, I'm using Weybridge Realty for a couple SFH properties. They do good on the management side, but don't ask them to do a remodel for you. Too long, too expensive. That's not their niche.

They've been very good with tenants, low income especially, and they are very experienced in the management realm.  Jim Shapiro (Owner of Weybridge) is a veteran of 25 years.  He knows his stuff.

Thank you Paul,

Really appreciate the info and will get in touch with Jim to discuss.

All the best


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