Recommendation for inspectors and plumbers

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Looking for recommendations for house inspectors specializing in multifamily as well as any plumbers that are familiar with multifamily properties, separating meters, etc? Appreciate it!

For inspectors I have good experience with Goodeye Home Inspections and Buyer's Inspection Service. Both do multi-families. 

I know a few plumbers but haven't tried separating water meters with any of them. DM me if you want a few contacts.

Thanks @Edo Yichie , I will add those inspectors to my list and will reach out if I end up needing the plumbers. I'm hoping to find some that have done this type of work before, though not sure if that experience is necessarily required.

Bumping this thread as I'm now looking for a good plumber. Preferably one that knows about separating gas lines and boilers. I'm not sure if it's typical for plumbers to know a lot about furnaces but I thought they did. If not, if anyone has recommendations for someone who is very familiar with boilers (maybe in addition to separating gas lines).


Just had some interaction with MIB Services in my day job. The guys were very professional in the work they did in our business, so I will be adding them as a contact for HVAC & electric whenever I get my first deal. 

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