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High Bigger Pockets! I'm a new investor in Toledo, OH. I currently have two properties in the Old West End (one of which is a duplex that we live in), and manage a third for out-of-state friends.

Starting to get more serious about buy-and-hold real estate investing and have heard this is a great part of getting started!

About me:

-I work in the architecture/engineering/construction industry and am currently studying to get my architectural license

-As such I love old houses with architectural character... but I'm learning quickly from my 1914 home that they're a lot of work

-I have two children (a boy and a girl) with my wife, Elsa.

-I volunteer as a football coach at Scott High School

@Douglas Furia Welcome to BP and to the area!  I've been in the Toledo area my whole life and have loved it, it's a great place to raise a family! 

You're right about the Old West End; beautiful houses that take a lot of work to keep up :) 


How is the Old West End doing these days?  Is the gentrified area expanding? shrinking?  Over the years I have been tempted to purchase one of those beautiful Victorian ladies (every time I am in town for the festival, in fact) but the character of the outer neighborhood has given me pause.  I would very much appreciate hearing about the nature of your management relationship with your out of town friends if you are willing to share.  We live in the SF Bay Area but my wife has ties to Toledo/Northwest Ohio.  

@Douglas Furia Welcome to BP! As you've probably realized now, there's a lot of like-minded people here that are extremely helpful! I am excited to hear more about your ventures in Toledo. Let me know if you're ever looking in the Columbus area ;)