Crime in Toledo and Surrounding Suburbs

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I am researching whether to invest in Toledo based on a recent BP article I read about the city. One of the first things I have noticed is the city of Toledo itself has a lot of properties that look abandoned. These properties are selling for under $10,000 but obviously need a ton of work. I am curious to hear from locals what the crime situation is there. Based on and trulia it looks pretty bad. I am planning a drive in next week to check things out for myself. I know that these online sites sometimes are not the most accurate when it comes to crime. Any thoughts or insight are greatly appreciated. 

@Stephen Sokolow If you are looking at 10K houses, the crime rate would be high no matter the city.  We invest in the suburbs and never even have to consider crime.  There are pockets of the city where the ratio of price to crime is probably more ideal than the suburbs.  Best of luck.