Water, Sewer, Garbage in Toledo - Who is responsible?

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I have a simple question; I tried googling for it but was unsuccessful. Who typically pays for the water, sewer, and garbage in Toledo? Is it the landlord or the tenant? If it's not dictated by law, who typically pays for it? In other words, what will renters expect? If the landlord pays for it, could you provide a range for the expense if possible? Thanks for any help! 

@Jon Catterson We also have a portfolio.  We pay the bill from the city and bill the tenant for that exact amount.  I feel this will limit their waste of water if they pay for it.  I think it may vary by asset class.  I know many C class landlords would just add it to the rent and include water/sewer, our portfolio is B+-A and our tenants have no issue with it.  

Take a look at what's for rent now and the description will tell you who's more likely to be responsible.

@Jon Catterson most tenants who live in houses in C class neighborhoods and up expect to pay water/sewer/trash. We just add it to their account balance (we do online bill pay) and they're fine. In D class neighborhoods, you have to specify up front that heat and utilities are not included. Some are fine with it, others are used to them being paid. Toledo is now putting out monthly bills, which eliminates the guesswork on what their monthly payment is, but it's more paperwork on our end. I hope that helps!

We researched the properties around our properties, and found a mix of owner vs tenant paid water.  We initiated RUBS, and pay all but 10% of water (coin laundry).  Another property has individual meters so we just pass the bills on to the tenants.  

@Jon Catterson The property owner is responsible, but I do the same thing that @Stone Jin does by paying the bill each month and then rebilling the resident for the exact amount. I actually just email over a copy of the bill so they can see it. I have had no issues to date with doing this.

I totally agree with Stone's logic that if the resident pays directly for it each month they are less likely to waste it. Just my personal philosophy, but I try and let residents know exactly how things like water, taxes, etc. factor directly into their rent. I think too many renters don't feel there is any downside to voting for every levy under the sun because they don't believe they pay for it. I explain to residents that any tax increases I get on the property for any levies are passed through on the next renewal date in the form of rent increases.

Sorry, I know that had nothing to do with water, but I thought the concept was similar so I shared both.