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I have a unit that is vacant and has been on the market for a month now. It does not have a fridge and a stove. Is it common in the area to not include appliances?  My PM says that it is. Will having the appliances fill the unit quicker?  I just wanted to see if anyone is including appliances in their rentals. Mahalo!

Hi, @Gio Gonzalez . KWe have a SFR that's further out in the suburbs that we rent to professionals from the hospital. We con't expect as much wear and tear on this property and have supplied range, refrigerator, dish washer, washer, and dryer.

In any case I would weigh the cost of the occasional repair visit to the cost of possibly offering $100 off the first month’s rent to help your new tenants purchase or move their own appliances. I am considering this for our duplex we are renovating now. 

My thought is yes to stove, maybe to fridge, no to washer/dryer. 

Where I am it is normal to supply appliances.  If the tenants bring their own, think about how much damage could be done during move in or move out from the appliances.  Not to mention from the tenants perspective they either have to buy them or move their own which is a pain.

Appliances in rentals is a regional thing. Where we are, we supply a range and perhaps a dishwasher. Sometimes an over the range microwave. Never a fridge (unless there was already one in the property) We've never supplied a washer/dryer either. These are SFR. I think in an apartment the expectation would be to supply all the appliances.

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