Looking for wholesalers and property managers in Dayton area

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Hey guys, I'm looking to build my network of wholesalers and property managers in the Dayton area. I currently live/invest in Arizona but looking to add Dayton to my portfolio. 

For my next investment, I'd like to do a BRRRR on another multifamily, so I'm looking for anyone who can find me a below market deal that I can add value to through rehab. If you're a local wholesaler/property manager or you know someone who is, let me know!

Also, if any investors or real estate professionals would like to meet up for coffee or a beer, I would love to hear about the Dayton market and network! I'll be in Dayton in July. Thanks 

Hi Christopher,

We specialize in doing property management in the Dayton area for investors .  When you know  a time you could be available  during your visit to Dayton, let me know and we can meet. 

Hi Christopher,

I am a wholesaler and I have a few properties under contract in Dayton that might fit you needs. 

Please contact me for details or look at my posts on Bigger Pockets.



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