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Afternoon Everyone - Hope you all have made it through Wednesday. 

I am new to the OKC area and I am interested in meeting and connecting with people with a similar passion and interest in real estate. I am open to virtual meetings but most certainly prefer meeting in person of coffee or a fun activity (e.g, OKC's self guided architecture tour, etc.)

A brief intro about myself, I am from Philly and moved here over the pandemic ( the extra space is nice). I have 2 SFR rental properties and I am interested in obtaining more if it makes sense. My strategy is buy and hold, but I know the market is tough, so I've begun to consider flips as well.

I look forward to meeting as many people as possible and building positive friendships. Please reach out if interested and I will DM you. 




Oklahoma City


Hi Simond welcome to OKC!   There is a Coffee with Real Estate Investors meeting the first Wed 7pm-9pm at

Panera Bread 4225 West Memorial Road #Suite 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73134.  Here is the link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/c...

There is also a Millionaire Possibilities Meeting the first Thursday of every month at Credit Union House of Oklahoma 631 E Hill St. 

OKC, OK 73105. Here is the link https://www.wp.millionaireposs...

OKC is a great market for buy and hold and flips as well.  I am an investor myself and do both strategies here in OKC.   If you need an 

agent that is also an investor that understands this market please don't hesitate to reach out. 

@Simond Wong , Welcome to OKC! 

There's definitely a lot out there available to do in OKC within investment groups and out! OKC is growing so much and there is a lot of new things popping up all over town with fun activities, places to go/see, do, etc.

I have to agree with @Mary Beatty , to get involved with those groups in order to meet a lot of like minded people and learn! I attend millionaire possibilities, and my broker and her husband Ron put on an investing group, group coaching, coffee w/ real estate investors, Coffee w/ entrepreneurs, etc. Our brokerage is very investor friendly and would all love to meet w/ you and help! Most of these can be found through Mary's link to meetup.com. 

Another group that is good that our friends put on is Wholesalers breakfast that normally goes on once a month on Saturday's. https://www.meetup.com/Real-Es...

A lot of other investors do a lot of other things too like pickle ball, exercise/workout groups, are big in the space, put on events/get togethers, etc. you name it. I'd love having the opportunity to meet, help and also connect you with a lot of other people/resources!